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NEWS: One Man Revival Launch Indiegogo Campaign To Fund New Album

One of the first pieces which I wrote back in August when this lovely site that you’re looking at first launched was a live review of a band called One Man Revival. Up until that night in August I had never heard of the band in all honesty but at the Victoria in Derby on that summer evening they were massively impressive. As a result I have kept an eye on them ever since so when I saw that they were trying to get together funds for a new album I thought that I should let you all know about it.

Basically they are a kick ass rock band and a great group of guys to boot, what more could you ask for? And they need your help!

Here’s what the band have to say and the link their the Indiegogo page can be found below.

“What we are looking for is some help in funding our next move and a huge push in what we’re hoping will be a pivotal year for us. £1200 would set us on our way to recording our album to the quality we desire for you to get a great reception as to what it is we do.

The amount that we have set for funding is solely for the recording of the album alone, any artwork/promotion/release information is something that we are going to fund ourselves so it’s kind of like going in half and half to make something incredibly special and meaningful to us.”


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