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EP Review: The Cornelius Crane – Soul In The Lightning

It has been absolutely ages since I have had the chance to review a record that sounds like this so I have to say that I have really enjoyed this one. The record in question is the new EP from The Cornelius Crane. I can’t say that I had really heard much from them before now but you’ve got to start somewhere right?

The Cornelius Crane are Steve Wilson (Guitar, vocals) Mark Adams (Bass, backing vocals) Dan Adams (Drums, backing vocals) Jonathan Jackson (Organ) Jonny Roberts (Pedal, steel, guitar, backing vocals) and Paul Higham. (Banjo)

Anyway… This record came out earlier on this week and it is an absolutely marvellous piece of music. The EP begins with title track Soul In The Lightning, and it’s a track with oh so much soul. It’s brilliantly laid back, the way that the vocals blend together give the song such a smooth feel it’s unreal. It’s a kind of soulful Americana, the like of which I haven’t heard for far too long. I must confess that I’m not sure whether this track has been a single but it would be absolutely ideal. This is probably my favourite track on the EP.

Until I heard View From Victoria I didn’t know that experimental Americana was even a thing. In fact it probably isn’t, there’s a fair chance that I have just completely made that up, but I really can’t think of any other way to describe it. For just under 3 minutes the song just wistfully winds along, floating like a butterfly in the summer breeze. Low on real depth but high on atmosphere it’s a nice fit and a perfect way to roll into the final track Another Day.

Here the band returns to more of the sound of the opener for another ridiculously easy going effort. The chorus has slight echoes of The Rolling Stones ‘Wild Horses.’ They don’t sound massively similar but it’s in that general ballpark. I am a big fan of the vocal and the whole style of this tune, it’s a really great way to finish.

Soul In The Lightning isn’t the longest record that you will hear this year but it will be one of the highest quality. The musicianship is fantastic, the production is simple and not overdone and the results are stunning. If you like your music on the acoustic side and laid back like a summer afternoon then this is without doubt the record for you.

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