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EP Review: Sirens In The Delta – Revolutions To Follow

I have been waiting on this record ever since I heard its lead single ‘Paris’ back in July. There was something about it that just really caught my ear and made me want to hear more. Well finally after nigh on three months the wait is finally over and I am sat here with the debut EP from Sirens In The Delta, Revolution To Follow.

Hailing from Teeside Sirens In The Delta are Katie (Vocals) Rich (Guitar) Gav (Guitar) Si (Bass) and Glen. (Drums) That was all a bit casual wasn’t it but I’m not blessed with their surnames so that’s all you’ve got. Anyway now that I’ve told you all about the boring background stuff I think I’d better start talking about the music.

A strong drum beat rolls along while guitars build in the background as the suspense grows until opening track ‘Dirty Words’ finally bursts into life. This is rock 101 ladies and gentlemen, there’s nothing especially ground-breaking on display but there’s a decent guitar riff, a good vocal and a strong hook, it’s a track that improved every time that I heard it. It’s a solid if unspectacular start; the best is yet to come.

Up next is the lead single and the track that as I said that first got me interested in the band; ‘Paris.’ I liked what I heard three months ago and I still like the track as much now. It’s just got everything you could ask from a rock single but importantly it also slots neatly onto the EP, sometimes good singles don’t lend themselves too well to inclusion on longer projects as they make everything feel a bit disjointed but that isn’t the case here. It’s a great up tempo tune featuring some nice guitar work and another good vocal from Katie. I have to say that I really like her vocal style; she doesn’t try and overshadow everything else on song but rather just compliments and drives it along.

‘Cassus Belli’ (A Latin expression meaning ‘An act or event that provokes or is used to justify war,’ for those of you wondering) gives a heavy nod to Pearl Jam and is an absolute beast of a track. It’s so much heavier then everything else so far and the fuzzy, grungy guitar is just awesome, it just sounds so thick! The bass line pulsates, the guitars growl and the vocal soars for three and a half glorious minutes, this is without doubt one of the highlights of the entire EP. Any track that makes you go ‘Man I NEED to hear this live!’ deserves respect in my opinion.

The heavier, rockier sound continues onto ‘Halo’ and it’s safe to say that by now the band have really found their groove. The highlight this time being the big, beefy chorus, something which pops up a few times on the record. I just like this bands style, and their overall sound, especially when it comes to all things guitar related. The record is really well produced but it has a great unpolished feel. This means that while it sounds fantastic it still retains the bands natural rawness and overall edge, it’s wonderfully grimy and gritty. I am fed up of hearing rock bands that sound ‘smooth’ I want to hear that energy and this EP is thankfully a welcome return to that sound.

Penultimate track ‘The Attack’ is a slower, more broody affair but it still features all of the things which have made me enjoy this record as much as I have. To start with you can actually hear the bass in the mix which should be the norm but sadly isn’t, so I applaud that one. It really adds to the ominous mood of the track as well. It’s another really solid effort and while not really grabbing and shaking me as much as the previous couple of songs it’s another wholly enjoyable track.

I always love it when bands decide to close their records with a bang rather than a whimper so it’s no surprise that ‘Weapon’ brought such a smile to my face. That classic rock attitude is present in spades, the drops, tempo changes, riffs, and not to mention the big hook are all awesome. Every time that I have listened to the EP I have had a different favourite track and at time of time of writing this one is currently winning that particular prize. The drums crash through the guitar and bass riff induced heaviness like punches to the head from a prize fighter and it feels pretty damn good. It’s a great way to round things off.

Every track on Revolutions To Follow brings something different to the table and I really like that, nothing worse than a record getting stale. Plus as I mentioned above my favourite track has changed pretty much every time that I have hit play which for me is the sign of a brilliant project. There isn’t anything I dislike about this EP, I tried to find something trust me, if there are holes I like to think that it’s my job to find them, but if there are any then they must be bloody well hidden. As far as debuts go this record is mightily impressive; congratulations guys you’ve created an absolute monster.

Revolutions To Follow is released on 27th October

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