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Single Review: JSMV – Free

Sometimes when you hear a song you just know it’s going to be a single and you know it’s going to be big. That was exactly my reaction when I heard this tune for the first time; it’s got single emblazoned all over it. Simply put this is a big tune.

JSMV are Jamie Stimpson and Mister Vee, and they are one of the hottest R&B/Dance acts coming out right now. Based in Milton Keynes ‘Free’ is taken from the pairs upcoming album which is set to be released later on in the year.

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The track itself will slide brilliantly onto radio playlists around the country as it’s got that R&B/Dance/Pop crossover feel which is so big right now. Think Tinie Tempah produced by Avicii and you’ve pretty much got it. It’s nothing ground-breaking by any means but it’s a great feel good radio track. The production is as slick as could be and the big vocals on the equally big hook will make sure that this track will be being blasted out from clubs and bars up and down the land. The only word of warning that I would give is that the verses are very Tinie Tempah in both style and delivery, so the duo will need to make sure that they steer far enough away from that as to not just be known as that group that ‘Sound exactly like Tinie.’

Other than that it’s just a really good single. It will get you on your feet when you’re out and about at the weekend and it will sound great on the radio, and for my money as far as singles go you can’t ask for much more than that.

Free is out now

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