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Single Review: Wild Smiles – Never Wanted This

Formed back in July 2012 Wild Smiles are made up of Brothers Chris and Joe Peden and drummer Ben Cook. Born from Chris’ own personal travails the three Winchester natives are attacking the final quarter of this year in a big way, starting with the release of this track from their upcoming album ‘Always Tomorrow’ which is slated for release on 27th October.

I’m going to get the obvious out of the way first and say what everyone has said when they have heard this track. ‘Oh my God they sound just like Nirvana!!!!!!’ Now the reason for this is pretty simple… Never Wanted This sounds exactly like Nirvana. Blend ‘Breed’ and ‘Polly’ in your head and this is exactly what this track sounds like, and for many people this will be a big problem. It will be a problem because instead of taking the track for what it is all they will be able to focus on is the Nirvana factor. And if I’m being honest it took me a few listens to get past it myself, it’s just so glaring right there in front of you.

However, if and when you manage to get past the whole Nirvana-ness of the song this really isn’t a bad track at all, in fact it’s pretty good. In the earlier days of the band one of their inspirations were the Bleach Boys and although they have switched their style up since then you can still hear that influence here, especially in parts of the vocal. The way that the verses are pretty stripped back means that when the chorus hits it hits hard. Lyrically and length wise this is practically a punk record; it clocks in at just under 3 minutes while the track discusses the rejection of the expectations placed upon people , especially young people in modern life.

“I could get a job I could wear a suit/A monkey in a suit to make some money”.

Although this is an idea and a feeling that is strong among the current young generation, Cook is keen to point out that while it may appeal to young people they are not simply speaking for them.

“It’s our perception of life, not the voice of a generation but just how we three see it.”

On a personal level I found Never Wanted This quite an interesting and enjoyable track. It’s just a good solid rock track which gives you exactly what you would want from a single. Having said that I do feel that with the track sounding so like Nirvana the band have hamstrung themselves a little bit. For the simple fact that all you will get from certain vocal sections of the record buying public is ‘They just ripped off Nirvana!’ And I think that sadly this will overshadow the track in the short term at least. I think that’s a shame but it’s a risk that the band seemingly want to take. Only time will tell whether or not their gamble pays off.

Never Wanted This is officially released 18th August. You can listen to the track and watch the video here

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