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Single Review: Elizabeth Cornish – Harder

I would be lying if I said that whole acoustic, slow ballad; singer/songwriter style is really my thing. This isn’t because I dislike the music out of some sort of prejudice it’s just that I find it well all a bit samey unless it is done incredibly well. I can listen to run of the mill rock music all day but the whole acoustic thing just doesn’t float my boat unless it’s of really high quality. But I believe that when it is done well there is nothing more powerful. When everything is stripped back and all you are pretty much left with is lyrics and a voice, what the singer is saying seems to hit a little deeper than it would otherwise.

I have told you this lovely little story because what I have here is the new single from Leicester based singer/songwriter Elizabeth Cornish. She released her debut album ‘Displaced’ in March of this year and this track Harder is her 2nd single. And you know what? Despite my scepticism it’s really quite good.

Harder is definitely one of those tracks where you need to take a quiet moment to yourself to really let it sink in. If you do this the rewards will be great I promise you. The thing with these types of stripped back tracks is that because there really isn’t a fat lot else going on there is far more emphasis on the song writing and the performers voice and I’m please to say that Cornish excels on both counts. Her voice is beautifully sincere and she doesn’t try and overpower the track with it which is a massive plus. The melody is simple and understated meaning all it is really there for is to keep the track ticking along and it does this really well. And quicker section near the end ensures that your attention will not waiver in the slightest.

When I hit play on this track I fully admit I was feeling a little sceptical but Cornish has won me over in impressive fashion. I think her voice can probably do that to even the most cold hearted of souls. Even if you’re not a fan of this kind of music it’s impossible to not be impressed with this record. Elizabeth Cornish is definitely a name to look out for.

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