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EP Review: Skyfight – Into The Future

Skyfight are Kerry Meatyard (Vocals) Dan Nufrio (Guitar) Alex Whittle (Bass, backing vocals) and Toby Bass. (Drums) Based in Peterborough the band was formed back in 2012 and this record Into The Future marks the bands current attempt at taking the pop-punk world by storm.

The band lists Blink 182, Foo Fighters and Green Day amongst their influences and you can hear all of those here. Opening track ‘Jumping (Into The Future)’ showcases exactly what the band are all about. This is a straight up uncomplicated slice of punk-rock. The slow building intro sets the rest of the track up nicely before the guitars kick in, followed by the lead vocal. However it’s at this point that my only real problem with the EP arises and it’s a problem that could have so easily been avoided.

In short, I really don’t like the mix on the vocal. That isn’t to say that I don’t like Meatyard’s voice because that really isn’t the case, the problem isn’t her performance at all. My problem is that while the instruments sound recorded the vocal sounds ‘live.’ This means that it comes across with an echoey sound that it shouldn’t have and as a result it does Meatyard’s voice a total disservice. The two elements of the song, the instrumentation and the vocal just don’t sit right together in the mix. This is a problem which afflicts a couple of the songs on the record and that is a real shame.

‘Sunday Blues’ is a more stripped back affair, through the verses at least. The track has more of a happy go lucky feel about it and features a great little guitar solo which helps round the song off really well. ‘Memories’ again is a great little track. It’s not reinventing the wheel it’s not trying to be anything ground breaking; it’s just a good song. This is another one to file under the Blink and Green Day banner and as a fan of both bands let me assure you that there is nothing wrong with that. The mix of the track seems spot on as well which a big plus; it’s probably my favourite track off the record and one that I’m still happy to listen to over and over again.

Final track ‘Wings’ is a weird one as it threatens to do one thing and then does something completely different. For the first minute or so of the track there is a build up towards what you think will be a monstrous drop which is lead up to with a much heavier guitar riff but the drop never comes and the track goes totally the other way. It strips right back into becoming more of a soft rock song and the ante is only upped during the choruses but it really does work. There is still part of me which wishes that they would have followed up on their heavier promise but what they do come up with is still very enjoyable.

Into The Future has been a bit of a strange record to review. The musicianship can’t be faulted and the vocal from Meatyard is more than adequate but I can’t help but feel that the whole project has been undermined by sloppy mixing. Putting that to one side though, this is a good little record, it’s not going to blow you away but it is still very enjoyable. There’s cope for improvement of course, but this is not a bad effort at all.

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