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Single Review: Death To Indie – Round 2

After the last couple of days where I have had the chance to bring you new music from some of the blog staples, today I have something entirely brand new for you in the form of the new single from Death To Indie.

Formed in Newcastle back in 2011 DTI have wasted no time in getting their music out to the general public releasing 3 EP’s, a full length album called #youreit  as well as a host of other singles and videos. They are certainly prolific if nothing else and now Michael Jax (Lead vocals, rhythm guitar) Nik Louder (Lead guitar) Mark Rayner (Bass) and Pete McLeod are back with a brand new single.

Round 2 is 3 minutes of pop punk fun which would have dominated the musical part of my teenage brain. The band list Blink 182 as one of their influences and on the face of it they have clearly been the blueprint for this track.  If you loved that pop punk sound that was so big in the early 2000’s with bands like Blink, Sum 41 etc then you will love this.

It’s fast paced has a good chorus that will get stuck in your head for days and as I said before it’s just good fun. For all of the music out there that is challenging and thought provoking you need tracks like this to act as balance. Far too often bands get caught up in trying to make statements in their music and forget that in its simplest form music is supposed to be entertainment but thankfully on this evidence DTI haven’t fallen into this trap.

Round 2 is well produced, nicely written, nostalgic but most of all very good fun.

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