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Single Review: Mercutio – Back To Nowhere

Much to the delight of me and countless other people there is an absolute plethora of quality rock bands coming through right now. They may not be breaking through to the mainstream just yet but that’s not everything, what’s important is that they’re original and the music that they are bringing to the table is…


Single Review: Let Love Rule – On The Shore

Let Love Rule are essentially the brainchild of band frontman and chief songwriter Matthew Rhind. As is often the case after the break-up of a previous band Rhind was left with a creative itch that needed scratching. He continued to write songs but it soon became apparent that these tracks wouldn’t get the job done…


Single Review: The Slow Readers Club – Start Again

The Slow Readers Club are Aaron Starkie (Vocals, keyboard) Kurtis Starkie (Vocals, guitar) James Ryan (Bass) and David Whitworth (Drums) and they are back with their old/new single. Start Again was originally released in May but for reasons to which I am not privy it’s getting another airing on 21st July. (Not that I’m complaining)…

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