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Single Review: Nina Baker – Bruising

It’s not every day that I get sent heartfelt piano led pop songs to review but I guess there is a first time for everything. Plus, as I have said time and time again on this blog, a great song is a great song. So with that in mind I bring to you the brand new single from Leamington Spa’s very own Nina Baker.

Classically trained Baker is currently riding the crest of a very large wave, a wave that shows no sign of running ashore anytime soon. Her debut single ‘Single Bed’ received play on Radio 2 and 6 Music, while on the live circuit she has supported one of the hottest talents to breakthrough this year, a certain Ella Eyre.

‘Bruising’ is the 2nd single to be taken from her self-produced debut album ‘Quite Frankly’ which is slated for an August 2014 release. An album which has in part, been recorded at the legendary Abby Road studios. In short, something big is brewing in Warwickshire and anytime now the world will be forced to sit up and take notice.

As for the track itself, it details the breakdown of a failing long-term relationship with breath-taking openness and honesty while displaying a fragility and vulnerability that can only be admired. Baker’s heartfelt delivery over a military style drum beat and her own rolling piano riff just brings the lyrics to life. It pulls you in, and by the tracks end you feel for the girl, you just want to go and give her a hug! I talked about the honesty and openness in the lyrics, and that comes to the surface with the line;

‘We were both messed up before you left, never thought you’d give up, we were meant to be, just you and me.’

Like many of you I have been through the breakup of a relationship which ended with those feelings so that line really struck a chord. It takes a very impressive songwriter to be able to articulate such feelings in a way in which everyone can understand and relate. The recurring refrain ‘Your lies are bruising me’ just adds further fuel to this heartbroken fire.

‘Bruising’ is pop music with serious depth and substance, and the production is flawless. Nina Baker is a young lady who seems destined for the top and ‘Bruising’ is the elegant leather clad sports car which is going to take her there.


Bruising is out now.

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