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Single Review: Junebug – TR

I’ve noticed over the last month that there has been a little bit of a Scottish invasion on the blog, and frankly history has taught me to treat vast numbers of Scots venturing south making lots of noise with caution. In response I have grabbed a large stick and built a wall outside of Musical Outcast towers. (Apparently this has worked before)

The upshot of all this that 1) I get loads of good music to listen to and 2) I have spent the last week trying to work out whether this influx of Scottish talent into my inbox counts as the blog gaining international recognition. Scottish readers your vote in the referendum could do wonders for my advertising campaign. (No pressure)

Right; the latest band on this tartan conveyer belt are from Glasgow and go by the name Junebug. Made up of Alli Martin (Vocals) Owen Rataj (Guitar) Aonghas Maxwell (Guitar/keys) Matthew MacDonald (Bass) and Harry Smith (Drums) the band have just released their latest single ‘TR’ and I have to say it’s rather good.

I’m willing to bet real money (none of that Monopoly crap) that if you like your music in that Stereophonics style lane then you will love this track. The intro is a little bit like something you’d hear on a Nirvana album, the track has got a good chorus and a nice vocal. It’s not anything too elaborate but there is nothing worse than a singer trying too hard, so the uncomplicated style from Martin here is spot on. There are a couple of quicker sections and a bridge complete with drum roll that doubles as space for a guitar solo which is a nice touch.

There is plenty of replay value to be had, and all round it’s just a good track. I genuinely can’t fault it. The track also comes complete with a nice and weird video which you can check out below, showing that they aren’t afraid to try something a little different. And unlike many the band also seems to have a bit of a sense of humour, on a certain social media website (Something to do with faces and books, I’m not sure…) they describe the band not by style or by some stupid marketing phrase but as ‘Three similarly sized people and then two lanky ones.’ There’s something very likeable about that.

So all in all Junebug have produced a great single, they are not afraid to experiment and they have a sense of humour; they could be on to something here…

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