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Single Review: Thirteen Shots – First American Sweetheart

Thirteen Shots describe their sound as ‘B-Movie garage rock n roll.’ No, I’m not 100% sure what that means either. I hate trying to put labels on things anyway especially music but in my role as reviewer I think I’ve got to try and give you an idea as to what the track sounds like but I don’t know what this is!

It’s not rock n roll and it’s not punk, so I’m going to christen it ‘Punk n roll.’ I’ll let you have that one for free ladies and gentlemen. This is what would happen if Bill Haley was sacked by His Comets and replaced by Johnny Rotten. The music and rhythm is definitely rock n roll in origin but the vocal leans far more towards punk.

The track itself acts a tribute to actress Mary Pickford who during her life and career was known as America’s Sweetheart. The hook laments the fact that maybe she doesn’t get the recognition she should do as well as the fickle nature of the film industry and how it treats its stars.

‘You were the first American sweetheart but nobody knows your name. As soon as you died, you got replaced…’

Musically, as I said it manages to retain an old school rock n roll feel, but it doesn’t sound dated. More updated if anything. It’s unspectacular but will definitely get your feet tapping. You aren’t going to see the track launching itself heard first onto the radio 1 playlist either but in truth I don’t think the band even care.

Is it mainstream? No.

Is it unconventional? Certainly.

Worth a listen? Definitely.

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